The following acts are declared to be per se violations of the Town noise ordinance. This enumeration does not constitute an exclusive list. Please refer to Section 67 of the Town Code for a complete listing of violations. 

Unreasonable Noises: The unreasonable making of, or knowingly and unreasonably permitting to be made, any unreasonably loud, boisterous or unusual noise, disturbance, commotion or vibration in any facility, dwelling, place of business or other structure, or upon any public street, park, or other place or building.  The ordinary and usual sounds, noises, commotion or vibration incidental to the operation of these places when conducted in accordance with the usual standards of practice and in a manner which will not unreasonably disturb the peace and comfort of adjacent residences or which will not detrimentally affect the operators of adjacent places of business are exempted from this provision.